SOLÍK SK, s.r.o (welding equipment / schweisstechnik)

Solík SK, Ltd. is a business company dealing with wholesale trade and retail trade and service of welding equipment. By the medium of our commercial representatives we attend our costumers in every region of Slovakia.

We afford wide range and well- knit sortiment in which costumers find everything connected to welding. We offer welding sources and welding technology produced by LORCH, MOST, ALFA IN, LINCOLN ELECTRIC, OMICRON, ESAB.

Welding machines

In our bid of welding technology and equipment our costumers will find every kind of welder (LORCH, OMICRON, Alfa In, MOST, ESAB, LINCOLN) from welding invertors to simple switched source of CO2, synergy sources, welders of TIG welding method.

Adding materials and electrodes produced by ESAB, Lincoln, VUZ, MOST, GOLD.

Product scale of adding materials is created by electrodes for black metal (alkaline and RUTILOVÉ) also on rustless, cast-iron, electrodes for aluminum, etc. Of course we offer wires for MIG SG2 (G3Si1), SG3 (G4Si1), wires for rustless, aluminum, CuSi3. In our bid we have also wires for welding method TIG. We are distributors of adding materials (especially welding wires and electrodes) produced by ESAB, Lincoln, VUZ, MOST, GOLD.

Engineering chemistry

For preservation welding burner, eventually for better features of welding materials we offer wide scale of chemistry such as: silicon spray, pastes, welding solution, cooling emulsion, paste for preservation of welding roots, metallic colors in sprays.

Oxy-acetylene welder

Solík SK, Ltd. (welding equipment) is distributor of producer of oxy-acetylene technology GCE, Ltd. Chotebor. We offer the whole package for cutting and welding with fire, bottled gas, acetylene. Spare parts produced by GCE Autogen we also offer for sure – heating up, cutting adjutage, arms, incisors, gas hose pipe, caulking and clamps produced by GCE, Ltd. Chotebor.

Cutt-off saw MOST, MEP and blazing machines ECKERT

For separation of material we offer saws produced by MOST, MEP and for bigger firms will be interesting our bid of Blazing machines from ECKERT for sure.

Abrasive and cutting Wheel from MOST, Klingspor

We offer Abrasive and cutting disks produced by Most, Klingspor. In sortiment of abrasive we have a wide range of disks, bands and abrasive sheets for black materials, rustless, aluminum and so on.

Protection tools

For welding operator and workers in manufacture we have a wide range BHP sortiment such as gloves, safety spectacles, welding helmets, welding coats, muffs, aprons, aspirators, ear protectors.


We provide our costumers with warranty period and after warranty period for the whole goods in our sortiment.



SOLIK SK, s. r. o.
Odborov 2554
017 01 Považská Bystrica